About Kinsey

Kinsey Quake is everything you might expect from a fiery encounter between Mother Nature and a certain pioneer of sex research: a sex-positive, queer, intersectional feminist who believes in integrity, authenticity, and passion above all. Her greatest mission with art is to challenge taboos surrounding bodies and sexuality, and encourage self-exploration and self-love. This is reflected in her roles as the founder of Aftershock Burlesque, an Advisory Council member for Fierce International Performing Arts Festival, and the creator behind Anatomical Art. Whether she is brightening the world with sunshine and rainbows, shaking things up with a quake, or scorching the Earth with her heat, one thing is certain: this Golden Goddess is doing it with passion.

Kinsey's Mission

The central focus of Kinsey's work is to support others in their journey for self-love and self-acceptance. By normalizing and celebrating the beauty of the human body and sexuality, She encourages others to find beauty and strength within themselves. Kinsey also seeks to foster and encourage the growth of a supportive, inspiring, and empowering local community.