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Kinsey offers several workshops centered on confidence building, self-love, self-awareness, and sexuality. These workshops are inclusive and welcoming to all, regardless of body type, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability. All are welcome to attend any publicly offered workshops, or to book privately for yourself and a group of friends.   


In this workshop, we will explore each of our five senses - Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell - and how we can use those senses to discover our own strength, beauty, and confidence. We'll also delve into our own minds, and discuss ways to alter the patterns of thinking that negatively affect our sense of self.


Have you ever met someone who appears completely and utterly confident all the time? Would you like to have that level of confidence? You can!

One of the best ways to build confidence is to behave as though you are already confident. In this workshop, we'll discuss and practice methods to project confidence, even when we don't feel confident. We'll also identify sources of confidence for each individual, and practice tapping into them when we need a boost.  


Clear, effective communication can be difficult and a bit intimidating in even the best of circumstances. Add in the vulnerability of sexuality, and it can feel impossible. Our goal with this workshop is to identify barriers to effective sexual communication and methods for overcoming those barriers. We'll also explore which conversations should be had prior to engaging in sexual contact, which should develop over time, and what - and how! - to communicate "in the heat of the moment." 

Explore your own sensuality through movement! We will listen to music that evokes a feelings of sensuality and indulgence, discover which movements enhance those feelings in each of us, and discuss how to translate those movements into our daily lives.

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The human body is a beautiful thing. In many ways that beauty is celebrated, though we often forget to recognize that beauty within ourselves. That is especially true with vulva.

From the time we are young, those of us who are assigned female at birth are taught that our genitals are a source of shame; we're not supposed to talk about them, touch them, or even acknowledge their existence. This stigma is woven into the very fabric of our society. What gets damaged by this stigma is our ability to love and see the beauty in our bodies as a whole, to know and celebrate them in their entirety, to acknowledge and embrace our power and sexuality completely and without shame. The first step in loving these most intimate parts of ourselves is to SEE them.

For Visible Vulva, Kinsey Quake partners with local photographer Jessica O. of Lumos Photography and Flower Power Skin Studio to bring you a new kind of empowerment experience.

The day will start with a brief workshop with Kinsey, centering around self-love and self-discovery with a focus on the vulva. We'll discuss the wide variety of “normal,” as well as techniques for becoming more comfortable and discarding shame.

This workshop will be followed with each attendee given the opportunity to have a private, professional vulva photograph taken by Lumos Photography, so they can see their own beauty from the perspective of another. All photos will be private, shared only with the attendee that they belong to, and identified by pseudonyms only. No faces or other identifying features will be photographed without express written consent of all parties.


vulvA Empowerment Photography