View video clips of each of Kinsey's numbers that are currently available for booking.


Million Dollar Stockings

Kinsey's signature burlesque number, Million Dollar Stockings combines classic burlesque glamour with sultry sensuality.


Golden Girl

Inspired by Jill Masterson, the iconic "golden girl" in the James Bond classic, Goldfinger.


Walk Alone

A classic burlesque number created as a tribute to servicemembers and those who love them.


C3PO In Love

Kinsey's debut number. Take a peek beyond C3PO's hardware and see what you find inside!


Ball And Chain

A bluesy exploration of wild and unapologetic sensuality.



An ethereal, sensual, goddess-inspired number.


Fantasy Droid

C3PO is a pleasure droid intent on seducing Anakin.



 A sassy, classic burlesque number celebrating curves and confidence - with a hungry-girl twist!


Control Galore

Originally reated as a depiction of Pussy Galore, this Prince crowd pleaser is a sexy, high-energy addition to any show!